Saturday Disney - Secret Life Of Pets Saturday!
Saturday Disney - Secret Life Of Pets Saturday!

Hey Guys!

We have such a cool show for you this week! We have decided to pet sit and we have animals EVERYWHERE! It’s a bit crazy but they are very cute so it’s completely worth it!

And Nathan’s going to cross to New York to chat with Louis CK, Kevin Hart and more of the stars from the new movie The Secret Life of Pets!

I’m making a DELICIOUS dessert with Gigi from the new show Zumbo’s Just Desserts! It’s making me hungry just thinking about it.

And talking of food, Teigan goes on a ‘Food Journey’. Yep she is going into the deep dark depths of the human body to show us what happens to our food after we eat it!

We also have some great Disney shows for you with Gravity Falls, Liv and Maddie, Lab Rats, Dog With a Blog and I Didn’t Do It!

So don’t forget to tune in at 6am on Channel 7 and then 7am to 9am on 7Flix! Or catch us on 7Live.

Love Candice x

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