Saturday Disney - Party Animals!
Saturday Disney - Party Animals!

Hi Guys,

It's Nathan here and I AM READY TO PARTY!! That’s right; we’re real party animals this week in the Disney House! We are planning an awesome party for our friends, we’ve got the food sorted, we’re ready for the games AND we’ve got an artist coming in to paint a picture of an actual party animal - I can’t wait!

While we’re preparing for the party, Candice and Teigan head to the Sunshine Coast and hang out at Australia Zoo. They check out the animal Hospital and become Wildlife Warriors for the day - I can’t wait to see them in action!

And I’m going to check out the animals at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary. So many cool sea creatures - and I even get to help out with the penguin feeding!

And of course, we have all of your favourite Disney shows like Wander Over Yonder, Jessie, Kickin’ It, Lab Rats, and Dog With A Blog.

Tune in at 6am on Channel 7, switching with us to 7Flix at 7am! Or catch us on 7Live.

Stay cool,

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