Saturday Disney - Just Joking Saturday!
Saturday Disney - Just Joking Saturday!

Hey Guys!

HELP! Nathan’s decided to go on a pranking rampage! Teigan and I have been pranked ALL WEEK but we’ll get the last laugh, I promise! We just need to think of the perfect way to get him… stay tuned for that!

Other than exercising our pranking muscles, we have some awesome stories for you! Teigan and I unleash our ‘inner princesses’ on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland at Australia’s biggest castle. We have a few challenges we face including some medieval games, so tune in to see how Princess Teigan and Princess Candice fare!

And Nath takes his office antics to the next level and introduces us all to Office Parkour… WARNING, all of our patience was tested and harmed in the making of this! If you don’t know what Parkour is then you definitely need to tune in!

We’ll also have some great cartoons and shows for you with Wander Over Yonder, Jessie, Kickin’ It, Lab Rats and Dog With a Blog!

So don’t forget to tune in at 6am on Channel 7, switching with us to 7Flix at 7am! Or catch us on 7Live.

Love Candice x