Ramsay's Hotel Hell

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Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell

Chef Gordon Ramsay uses his wealth of experience in the restaurant business to help struggling hotels, motels and B&Bs across America. After identifying the most pressing issues at each location, he puts the owners and staff to work as he attempts to save their businesses from disaster.



Episode Guide - Season 2

Episode 1 | Meson De Mesilla

Gordon visits a struggling Tuscan-style hotel in New Mexico.

Episode 2 | Monticello Hotel

Gordon Ramsay stages an intervention at the Monticello

Episode 3 | Applegate River Lodge

Gordon Ramsay check into a hotel run by hippies

Episode 4 | Hotel Chester

Gordon Ramsay travels to Mississippi’s hotel Chester, run by a couple who have filed for bankruptcy.

Episode 5 | Calumet Inn

Gordon Ramsay attempts to save a once-historic mid-western hotel for two stubborn sisters.

Episode 6 | Four Season Inn

Gordon Ramsay finds himself in a Four Seasons (Inn) ruse.

Episode 7 | Curtis House

Gordon Ramsay checks into Connecticut’s oldest inn.

Episode 8 | Murphy’s Hotel

Gordon Ramsay checks into a hotel-turned-frat house.

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