Matt & Aly

Defence force foodies from Brisbane Matt (26) and Aly (25) are gearing up to impress the troops.

MKR Season 9 - Group 2 - Matt & Aly

MKR Season 9 - Group 2 - Matt & Aly

"Coming from a military background, it's really been drilled into us - ‘prior preparation prevents poor performance'," explains Aly, a nursing officer in the Royal Australian Airforce.

"I'm the fourth generation of serving military members in my family," she says. "I just always wanted to help people."

"I'm proud to be a cavalry officer in the Australian Army," Matt tells. "In 2015, I deployed to Iraq mentoring the Iraqi security forces in their fight against ISIS."

"Serving is in our blood," he continues. "Both my dad and grandad were in the army and my nan was in the air force. It's a real sense of pride knowing that our job matters."

Aly describes the loved up duo's cooking style as a little bit of everything.

"We'll experiment in the kitchen," Matt elaborates. "If it's tasty we'll run with it, if it isn't we'll never cook it again."

"We're both fairly competitive people and that's been part of our relationship from the start, at work, in sport and in cooking," Aly reveals.

"We're used to working in really high pressure situations," she says. "Our jobs are literally about life and death. I'm hoping that and the teamwork that's been drilled into us is something that will set us apart from the other teams."

"And it'll be really good to show Australia that young people in the military can put on a decent spread," she adds.


Keep it tasty, healthy, fresh and simple.


Matt is the meat man while Aly takes the lead on desserts and salads. Matt doesn't like to follow recipes whereas Aly is more recipe and measurements focused.


Matt: Lamb rack with parsnip puree, roast beets and carrots. It's a dish I will cook for a special occasion or when trying to impress.

Aly: ‘Island Curry' - it's basically a Thai green curry that is cooked with lychees and served in a pineapple with coconut rice.


It would be awesome to have a food truck one day but it's not a life goal. We both love our jobs.

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