Dan & Gemma

Cricket tragics Dan (27) and Gemma (38) are in-laws from Adelaide hoping to score a century with their tried and tested comfort food.

MKR Season 9 - Group 2 - Dan & Gemma

MKR Season 9 - Group 2 - Dan & Gemma

"Me and Gemma have two things in common - stubbornness and sport," says Dan, a plumber. "We can be quite competitive."

"We're both really sporty people and, when you put those competitive juices into cooking, we should be able to do really well," adds social media manager Gemma. "We're here for a test series not a one-dayer."

Dan has been with Gemma's sister for about eight years.

"I would describe Dan as your typical beer drinking Aussie bloke," Gemma spills. "Our families are really close. He's like my brother... well just as annoying as my brother.

"We're doing this together because both of our partners can't cook," Dan explains. "We're going to cook food that people enjoy, stuff that we eat at home."

Dan and Gemma admit things can get quite fiery between them in the kitchen.

"Gemma and I argue a lot," Dan confesses. "If we don't like the way we're doing something we'll let each other know how we feel."

"We'll sling a bit of shit on each other," Gemma smiles.


Big, simple, delicious comfort food.


Dan leads on savoury, Gemma on sweets. Dan is more likely to wing it; he trusts his taste. Gemma likes to follow a recipe but is not afraid to change it to suit her tastes. Gemma keeps on top of things and gives direction but trusts Dan to make sure the flavours are all correct.


Dan: Curry because its easy and comforting.

Gemma: Chocolate self-saucing pudding or my pasta salad. My grandma taught me the pudding and I am always asked to bring my salad to BBQ's so I assume it is a winner!


Sport, music and our families.

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