Ash & Matty

Laid back Sunshine Coast couple Ash (25) and Matty (26) have been dating for 18 months.

MKR Season 9 - Group 1 - Ash & Matty

MKR Season 9 - Group 1 - Ash & Matty

"The first time I met Matty he was at the beach taking a shower," Ash reveals.

"You were perving on me!" Matty exclaims.

"Yeaahhh," Ash smiles.

"I first started surfing when I was four," says Matty, an exercise physiologist who specialises in rehabilitation and training athletes. "I surf because it's my happy place."

For registered nurse Ash, who has been cooking since she was six-years-old, her happy place is in the kitchen. "I absolutely love cooking, especially after a hard shift. It's my passion."

"I can't cook," Matty confesses. "Without Ash I'm stuffed! I'm doing this to learn and to help my girl out. My mates think it's hilarious that I'm in this competition but I know how much it means to Ash and I'm keen to give it a red-hot crack."

"I'm going to have to guide him through a lot of things," Ash admits.

"You're going to have to be the boss in the kitchen but I've got my heart in this and I want to do well," Matty says.


Slow and steady wins the race. Less is more.


Ash is the captain and Matty follows her instructions but she loves his input in meal planning and flavours. Ash tries to follow recipes but sometimes mixes it up due to taste or crazy pressure.


Ash: Cakes. Friends and family are always requesting them for birthdays or special occasions.

Matty: Steak with mashed potato. I eat it all the time!


We haven't got a café or restaurant dream just yet. Maybe when Matty gets better at cooking!

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