Josh & Nic

Italian brothers Josh (36) "the tall one" and Nic (33) "the short one" from the northwest suburbs of Sydney are confident they're headed straight to the top.

MKR Season 9 - Group 1 - Josh & Nic

MKR Season 9 - Group 1 - Josh & Nic

"We're not worried," Nic says. "Between running our family restaurant and cooking for our family, we're used to a big mob."

"Our fascination with food pretty much began when we were out of our mother's womb," Josh laughs.

Family, friends, food - and great clothes and hair - are very important to the suave siblings who own and run an Italian food truck.

"Growing up in an Italian household, mum never let us stay inside," says Josh, who is married with a young son. "The only time we came in was when she yelled out ‘food's ready'. And boy did we come in!"

The former pro-football players learnt to cook by observing their mum and nonnas both at home and in their parents' restaurant and hope to make them proud with their hearty Italian food.

"It's an honour to represent our family," Nic tells.

"We'll show our guests the passion that we show on the football field," Josh adds. "Our Instant Restaurant will be the best. Italians do it better!"


To cook like our mum would and have fun with it.


They work together and split responsibilities. They have to be able to think quick under pressure, just like in football.

Josh: Arancini. I fell in love with them while playing football in Italy and now we've brought them to the masses with our food truck, it's what we're known for.

Nic: Baby goat and tripe/offal. Growing up in Italy we would go to the countryside and eat local produce including liver, brains etc... peasant food. Cooking it now reminds me of our upbringing and where we've come from.

We would love to extend our food truck start-up to a location and have a concept store.

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