Episode 48: Bite-Sized Recap - Grand Final

FACING OFF IN KITCHEN HQ: Serious siblings Amy & Tyson, QLD vs Mother and daughter Valerie & Courtney, QLD

Teams have to present a five course menu, featuring a cold entré (2hrs to plate), a hot entré (1hr), a seafood course (1hr), a meat course (90mins) and dessert (45mins), producing 100 plates for a packed restaurant of judges, family members and the eliminated teams.


Amy & Tyson:
1st Course: Parmesan & Truffle Mousse with Mushrooms
2nd Course: Pea & Ham Soup
3rd Course: Butter Poached Marron with Jerusalem Artichoke and Rhubarb
4th Course: Veal, Sweetbreads and Marrow
5th Course: After Dinner Mint

Valerie & Courtney:
1st Course: Samosa Crisp with Chat
2nd Course: Salmon Tikka Skewer with Coriander & Pea Soup
[3rd Course: Spiced Spanish Mackerel with Khichdi
https://au.tv.yahoo.com/my-kitchen-rules/recipes/r/35222765/mkr-pork-vindaloo-with-turmeric-cabbage-and-beetroot-raita/|4th Course: Pork Vindaloo with Turmeric Cabbage and Beetroot Raita]
5th Course: Pistachio Kulfi


Amy & Tyson:
Karen: 10 “To call your menu stunning would be an understatement”
Guy: 9 “Your cooking is evolved, you’re on a road to success”
Liz: 10 “I feel privileged to have eaten your meal tonight”
Colin: 9 “Bold, inventive and delicious”
Manu: 9
Pete: 10 “Delicious and exceptional”
Total: 57/60

Valerie & Courtney:
Karen: 9 “A delicious masterclass in the use of spice”
Guy: 9 “You pulled on my heartstrings tonight with your cultural insights”
Liz: 9 “Your whole meal was authentic from beginning to end”
Colin: 8 “Your menu spoke of family and love”
Manu: 8
Pete: 9 “Thank you for taking me on a delicious adventure through India”
Total: 52/60

ELIMINATED TEAM: Valerie & Courtney, QLD

Valerie: “My Kitchen Rules has brought us even closer together and we’ve really enjoyed these last few months.”

Courtney: “I want to say a big, huge thank you to my mum. She’s an amazing person. She inspires me every day.”


Amy: “To go through so many hurdles, ups and downs, and to come out the champions, it’s like a dream come true.”

Tyson: “I’m just so proud of what Amy and I have achieved together. We couldn’t have done it alone and I’m just happy to be sharing it with her. This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter is going to be for me. Being crowned the winner makes my dreams of becoming a chef a reality. It’s going to happen.”

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