Tim & Kyle

Adelaide best mates Tim, 30, and Kyle, 27, bonded over their love of beer, beards and food.

MKR8 Teams - Group 1 - Tim & Kyle

Group 1 - Pub Mates - South Australia

Bartender Kyle works to live, not lives to work, while Tim works in advertising sales but has quit his job to pursue his real passion - food. They describe their cooking style as Modern Australian hunter gatherers.

"When I was a teenager my mum worked a lot of nights so I tried to learn some new moves in the kitchen," says Kyle. "Good food, good mood… I've always said that."

"I first learned to cook with my dad who's a chef," says Tim. "I'm keen to get into the kitchen and show the teams what we can do. I quit my job for this competition so it's really important we do well."

"We came here to win!" adds Kyle.

The single, self-described social butterflies enjoy beer, live music, beer, socialising, beer, the footy and their mates!

Food Philosophy:
If we love the food, everyone else will too!


In The Kitchen:
As a general rule, if it's meats and sauces Kyle will take charge while Tim is more of a sides and desserts dude and in charge of plating up. They have their tiffs, but move on fast. Together they make a "pretty rad team".

Home Cook Heroes:
Tim: The old man and nonna.

Kyle: I don't have one.

Signature Dish:
Tim: Nonna's lasagne. She taught me this in her backyard kitchen and it tastes bloody amazing.

Kyle: Spiced kangaroo

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