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CASE 2: Christopher Philips

Detective Senior Constable Josh Renfrey from the Homicide Cold Case Team investigates this case. "It was a particularly brutal murder. The injuries he received were extensive, they would have taken considerable force to inflict."

CASE 2: Christopher Philips

CASE 2: Christopher Philips

The 42-year-old Civil Engineer was a family man and loyal friend, married with two children, aged eight and 10.

"He was a devoted and doting father," says Chris' sister Mary Flinos. "You have no idea how much he adored those children, and they adored him."

On the night of Chris' murder his wife Stella had left the family home at 6.30pm to take the children to a piano lesson and when she returned two hours later she discovered his body.

First police on the scene thought Chris may have been the victim of a burglary gone wrong but homicide investigators weren't convinced.

Former Detective Senior Sergeant Charlie Bezzina says it appeared to him it was a planned murder. "The person who did this, wanted this person dead."

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