Peter Powers

Peter Powers is a television personality, hypnotist and the star of several popular subscription TV series’ including The Power of One and Street Hypnosis – currently screening on 40 TV Networks worldwide. The world record holder of being the fastest hypnotist, as well as inducing the longest hypnotic sleep documented, he also tours with sellout live shows where his incredible powers set audiences in stitches of laughter with cheeky hypnosis on random audience members.

Peter has made five one-hour TV Specials for UK's Channel 5, The Naughty, Naughty Hypnoshow and has previously recorded to two one- hour commercial TV specials for Australian audiences in which well-known celebrities were hypnotised.

Peter’s also known to many Australians through regular media appearances including The Footy Show where he recently convinced the program’s hosts that they were giving birth.

In 2012, Peter appeared on an episode of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos where he hypnotised audience members into believing they had some ‘cool’ dance moves before convincing them they had to retrieve their pants from around their ankles.

Peter also popped into Australia’s Big Brother house in 2008 when he appeared in a one-hour televised special, Housemates Hypnotised.

Born in Lancashire, UK, Peter honed his hypnotist skills on his younger brother at just 12 years old fixing him in certain positions from which he couldn’t move. The skill came very handy indeed with the acquisition of a little more than his fair share of pocket money, and lollies, and much hilarity pranking his unsuspecting mates.

Peter now brings his powers to commercial television in Mesmerised for the Seven Network, produced by Endemol Australia to air in 2015.

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