World-renowned stage and television hypnotist Peter Powers is on a mission of mischief as he brings his wicked ways to the Seven Network with Mesmerised.



Prepare for some of the strangest, and funniest behaviour you’ll ever see on television, as Peter and his hypnotic subjects are unleashed on the unsuspecting Australian public in this unique six part series.

Peter is at the pinnacle of his craft, and in Mesmerised, his hypnotized subjects cause chaos in a series of outrageously hilarious scenarios that are set to tickle Australian audiences. Whether it’s out on the street, at a public event, or even an elaborate hidden camera set up, Peter goes to great lengths to cause mischief.

Take 23-year-old Dylan, whom Peter convinces to marry a new found love…except that she’s an alpaca. Or a greyhound race where Peter has transformed a couple of his subjects to take on the doggies, or a speed dating night, where Peter sets a hypnotised honey trap for an unsuspecting speed-dater. And in the ultimate test of Peter’s hypnotic power, in a world television first, he’s attempting to hypnotise and control 29 people and then unleash them on the public. Whatever the situation, nobody is safe.

Produced exclusively for the Seven Network by Endemol Australia, Mesmerised is an invitation to witness the genuine power of hypnosis, with plenty of laughter and mayhem along the way.

Australia, prepare to be Mesmerised.

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