Host: Shane Jacobson

In 2006 his portrayal of Kenny Smyth – the fictional, frank speaking plumber in the hilariously funny film, Kenny, catapulted him to worldwide acclaim.

Host: Shane Jacobson

Host: Shane Jacobson

Fast becoming a household name a stellar career closely followed. His quick wit and gift for acting has seen him appear in countless films, including Cactus with Bryan Brown, Charlie & Boots with

Paul Hogan, The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton and the hugely popular Oddball with Sarah Snook.

His TV appearances have been just as varied and successful, featuring in Top Gear Australia, The Great Australian Bake Off, in the telemovie Beaconsfield and in TV series Fat Tony & Co, Open Slather and Jack Irish.

Alongside his lm and TV career Shane has never left behind the stage, appearing in the musical Guys and Dolls with Lisa McCune, The Drowsy Chaperone with Geoffrey Rush, 8 The Play with Rachel Griffths and Shane Warne – The Musical with Eddie Perfect and Lisa McCune.

Never one to shy away from a challenge in exchange for good fun, Shane’s latest project as host of Little Big Shots has seen him throw caution to the wind, working alongside both children and animals, but Shane couldn’t be more excited!

“I can’t wait to do this show, it’s more fun than I could have ever imagined and I’ve tried to imagine how much fun it will be and I still can’t imagine!” says Shane.

Shane resides on a six- acre property in regional Victoria with his fiancé Felicity and four children. A passionate Bulldogs supporter, he appreciates the simple things in life such as being entertained by his children who will tell him to “shut up,” when he breaks out in song too often.

Tell us about the show in your own words?

Little Big Shots is a program which celebrates youth and the innocence that comes with it. As a parent of four children I love that kids have this broad vision of the world. When you are a child the world is a magical place so hearing stories, ideas, theories, or dreams from children is truly magical.

The other thing that I love about Little Big Shots is that it showcases children with amazing skills. This show is nothing but a celebration of the children who appear on it. There are no judges, or scores so every kid stays the hero. And did I mention it’s a lot fun?

Why did you want to host it?

I wanted to host it as soon as I heard about it because I loved the concept of the show - kids getting a chance to perform without being judged. And I had the chance to chat to kids which I love. Comedians can try as hard as they can but nothing is more amusing than listening to an open-minded kid. I spend my life being entertained by my own children so why wouldn’t I invite more of that into my life? And anything that involves having fun is me all over.

Would you have auditioned for this show yourself it if existed when you were a kid?

Yes! I would have given anything to have been a part of this show as a kid.

What would your talent have been?

I would have wanted to sing a show tune and dance at the same time. I do love my show tunes. My kids are sick of me singing at home all the time. I hear “Dad that’s enough,” a lot in my household.

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