Interview: House Rules 2017 Champions, Aaron & Daniella

How did you celebrate the Grand Final? Vegas-inspired pool party, perhaps?

Daniella: We did have a viewing party, but mainly just with our kids. I think the kids were more excited than us! They kept us awake all night. Jaxon kinda knew what was going on so he just wanted to party all night!

Aaron: We’re going to wait until we can get Kate & Harry up here and then we’ll have our first glitzy Vegas pool party.

How has winning House Rules changed your life?

Aaron: It was such an amazing experience. It’s changed our lives in the fact that we’ve got a brand new house and obviously $200,000 prize money, but it’s just all new adventures ahead of us now.

We’ve met all of these new, beautiful people and lots of new, exciting adventures are popping up in front of us.

I think for us it’s about making the most of it, having a bit of fun and enjoying ride.

What’s next for Aaron & Daniella, more TV?

Aaron: I might just say ‘yes’ and leave it there I think…

At the moment we’re just going to enjoy the win and make sure that we have a bit of fun with it. We’re going to fly Kate & Harry up to the Gold Coast and have a nice week with them.

Then from there we’ll work out what we can do and where we’ll go from there.

Has the House Rules experience made you want to become full-time renovators or never look at a hammer again?

Daniella: We’ve gone the first way! We want to get another house and start renovating. How crazy is that? It’s very addictive (laughs)

Aaron: It is! I’ve had the bug for a long time but it’s nice to see my wife Daniella has got it now too, so I’ll have to get her a tool belt and get her working! (laughs)

What was your favourite room that you transformed. The one you’re most proud of?

Daniella: Oh wow there are SO many rooms! I would have to say it was what you saw in the Grand Final. Our secret room was by far the best space we’ve ever done.

Aaron: It was such a hard space to work with. It’s not like you had a standard four walls and could look up something and say “I’ll do that. That’s been done before.“

Everything we did in that space was custom and one-off. We just had to use our imaginations and think “That will look good. We’ll just do something really bold and really out there!”

Luckily for us it all came together.

I think the outdoor cinema will be getting a workout this weekend, that’s for sure!

What’s your favourite room in your house?

Aaron: It would have to be Sean & Ella’s hallway for me. The beautiful timber panelling in there an the nice tropical wallpaper with the frogs on it, leading into the lounge room as well. That would have to be my favourite.

Daniella: The boys love the playroom the most. Definitely the playroom.

Aaron: That cubby house gets a real workout.

Is there anything in your house that you have changed/updated since filming?

Daniella: Not at the moment, but if we were going to do one thing, we would look at doing our Ensuite and Master Bedroom. We would love to revisit that and give that a bit more of a luxury, timber, earthy feel.

What would your advice be for future contestants of House Rules?

Daniella: Just run full-steam ahead and never stop! Don’t even stop to breathe! (laughs)

You have to give it all you’ve got and don’t be afraid. When you’re looking at a design and you think it’s not going to work, just trust your gut instinct and experiment with colour.

That’s what we should have done in the first couple of renos. We played it safe by painting things white, but then we started experimenting with colour and it makes the house look so much better.

Did having a judge like LLB inspire you to take more risks?

Daniella: 100%

Aaron: You can’t do anything boring in front of LLB. You’ve got to make sure it’s interesting, brave, bold and it’s something different. Otherwise he gets bored very easily. You’ve got to push the envelope.

Finally, how would you sum up the entire House Rules experience?

Aaron: Absolutely amazing. Breath-taking. Every step of the way I’ve had a smile on my face and been thinking “this is the most amazing thing ever!”

Daniella has been a little more up and down and enjoyed a bit of a rollercoaster, but I think coming out of the end of it now would say it’s been an amazing experience.

Daniella: Yeah, I think we had a couple of little debacles, but nothing major. We just supported each other

Aaron: I think that’s what it’s all about. I think that’s what makes a strong marriage as well, just supporting one another and making sure you’re there to help one another.


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