HR Host - Wendy Moore
Wendy Moore is ready to deliver her no-nonsense critique to this year's new recruits.

Wendy Moore is ready to deliver her no-nonsense critique to this year's new recruits.

"I'm a pretty honest person. My aim is to be constructive and truthful, but I won't sugar coat my opinions," she says. "The feedback may be brutal at times, but the teams will get a much clearer picture of what is expected - as well as how they can improve."

Handing over your house keys to complete strangers is a scenario Wendy never would have entertained before working on the show.

"I'd have to say my mind is now changing after seeing some of the amazing transformations," she laughs.

"But it's still a huge risk entrusting your home to strangers. That's the wonderful point of difference with this show. We are dealing with contestants' own homes. They have an emotional connection to their houses and the tension that comes from handing over their keys is just so authentic. It's amazing to see what can be achieved in just one week."

As editor of Home Beautiful magazine, Wendy is regarded as one of Australia's foremost experts on style and design. She has helmed the title for almost a decade.

"Home Beautiful is about being inspired to create a home you love, and House Rules is about teams coming together to create a home for someone else to love".

Wendy says she can't wait to see what the six teams will deliver this series.

Arming people with ideas and the tools to help transform a home is the reason Wendy signed up for House Rules, and took the reins at Home Beautiful.

"I have worked in the magazine world for more than 20 years, but Home Beautiful was my dream title and the one I wanted to work on. It's a magazine I have a personal passion for.

"I love looking at the homes and all the amazing ideas my team offer. It's so inspirational."

Wendy has worked for some of the country's biggest selling magazines including the Australian Women's Weekly, Woman's Day and Burke's Backyard magazine.

Her recent achievements include launching the official app for Home Beautiful and House Rules, in December 2013.

She oversaw the development of the decorating inspiration tool designed to collect, curate and share mood boards and images from the magazine's image library.

It held the number one position in the app store, both overall and in the lifestyle category, with 100,000 downloads three months after launch. Released as Home Love, the app has now been renamed House Rules powered by Home Beautiful.

Wendy lives in Sydney's inner west with husband Peter and her four-year-old twin girls, Darcy and Ruth.

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