Home and Away said goodbye to these characters in 2017

Home and Away said goodbye to many characters in 2017 and not all left dying (thankfully!)

Home and Away said goodbye to these characters in 2017:

Home and Away said goodbye to these characters in 2017:

We said goodbye to Matt and Evie. They had a beautiful wedding with their family and friends before saying farewell to Summer Bay, for Vietnam.

Zac soon followed, after his marriage with Leah ended.

Nate left shortly after, to follow his dream to be a CareFlight doctor after his relationship with Tori wasn’t going anywhere.

Phoebe and Justin also called it quits before Phoebe left for America to pursue her musical career, agreeing they couldn’t do long distance. We miss them all, however, we think we’ll miss these three characters the most, as they left the Bay and us for good.


Billie’s coughing gets out of control so her family take her to hospital. Nate runs some tests and breaks the news to her. She has terminal cancer with only a few days to live. He relays the news to Billie’s loved ones who are equally distraught.

Realising they haven’t got much time together, Billie and VJ have their wedding at the hospital. Later in Billie's room, Ash refuses to leave her side but she eventually coaxes him to go home for some sleep. She then asks VJ for a favour – she wants to see the sun come up over the beach, one last time. VJ’s reluctant to do anything that might make her condition worse but ultimately agrees. Ash arrives early the next morning to find Billie’s room empty – she’s watching the sunrise with VJ. At peace on the beach, Billie dies in her husband’s arms.


With the help of John and Marilyn, Mason has organised a romantic beach lunch for Beth. Mason gifts Beth a promise ring telling her how much she has changed his life and how much he loves her. She in turn tells him that he is the best thing that has happened to her and gifts him a shell as a promise gift. Suddenly her breathing becomes laboured and she feels breathless, Mason rushes her back to the hospital.

Tori is having no luck restarting Beth’s heart, she tries shocking her but nothing seems to be working. Mason slips back into Beth’s room unnoticed by Tori who calls time of death. At this, he breaks down begging Tori to give it one more chance which Mason reports to Beth’s parents. As he exits the room Brenden sees him as asks to talk.
Tori calls the time of death (again) as Mason runs in telling Tori Brenden has agreed to the heart transplant. He starts to thump Beth’s chest trying to revive her to her parents and Tori’s shock before being dragged away by Justin.


Robbo has handed himself in. Hours pass and Kat shows up for work, surprising Murray, who thought she was suspended. She devises a plan to get Murray out of the office to free Robbo from his cell and run away with him. Unluckily for them, Ash finds them both. There is a stand off. Kat pleads with him to let them go, but Ash cannot watch the mother of his unborn child disappear. He refuses to back down, so Robbo knocks him out.

Kat and Robbo drive off in an impounded car. Speeding along, Robbo checks Kat is sure about burning her life like this? Kat is adamant, she doesn’t want to wait thirty years to be with him. They discuss the safe house... when a car comes out of nowhere. There is a huge crash – the impact is substantial, leaving few signs of life. Robbo is injured, but Kat is left much worse – she’s losing blood, and fast. Robbo calls the ambulance and flees the scene (to Kat's request). At the hospital, Kat is taken into surgery in an effort to stop her internal bleeding, but after an agonising wait, a numb Tori has the gut wrenching task of telling Ash that they were unable to save both Kat and the baby.

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