Home and Away’s Biggest, Boldest, Baddest Boys

Darryl 'Brax' Braxton

For the first time in his life, Darryl ‘Brax’ had power and influence - and the River Boys became more than a motley group of surfers. Then along came Charlie Buckton. As the leader of a gang, Brax began to fall in love with a police officer, and it became clear he was losing power over his emotions. However, when a rival gang member shot Charlie, Brax was inconsolable. Only the arrival of Adam Sharpe's sister Ricky made him realise that life was possibly worth living.

Andy Barrett

Teenager Andy tried to step up but struggled, carrying the stress with him to school and lashing out. His protectiveness of little brother Josh and uncontrollable temper led him to another bad mistake when he forced Casey and Maddy off the road, resulting in a fiery crash that almost cost Casey his life. When Brax admitted that he killed Johnny Barrett, Andy was fuelled with the need for revenge. He wanted to shoot Brax but his plan backfired and Josh was hit in the chest by a bullet when his mother seized the gun. Andy was arrested but released after a few weeks.

Heath Braxton

Bad boy Heath had a short fuse, foul temper, and powerful left hook. He rarely thought things through and was always getting in trouble. More so than either of his brothers, Heath was a River Boy through and through and loved the camaraderie and sense of family (not to mention the respect that came with being a member.) The revelation of Heath’s paternal nature appealed to Bianca and after many ups and downs, they acknowledged their love when son Rocco was born. Tragically, his life was cut short when he became the victim of SIDS.

Kyle Braxton

When Kyle’s father was sent to prison for armed robbery, he was set up with a foster family who did their very best to provide him with a good life and solid education. When Kyle found out that half brother Casey Braxton killed his father, he was hell bent on revenge. Kidnapping Casey and leaving him to die in the desert seemed appropriate pay back. But his relationship with Casey has been tested over and over again, especially when he discovered he was in love with Casey's girlfriend Tamara.

Casey Braxton

Casey, an intelligent young man who stubbornly goes his own way, resisted the social pressure to follow in his brothers' footsteps and become a typical 'River Boy'. Unknown to the Braxtons, Danny led a double life and had another family. His fourth son Kyle sort revenge for his father’s death and kidnapped Casey, leaving him to die in the desert, chained to a rusty old car.

Casey was then saved by an angel (in the form of Tamara Kingsley), who at first he thought was a hallucination. His relationship with Kyle has been turbulent especially when they compete for Tamara. However, time will tell if blood is thicker than water.


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