The Happiest Endings on Home and Away

It’s a pretty rare occasion when a happy couple leaves Summer Bay to venture off into the big wide world – and believe it or not, there are some couples who have been lucky enough to do exactly that! Here are some of our absolute favourite happy endings:

Tasha and Robbie

A rather free spirited relationship, Robbie and Tasha were no strangers to drama. Young and in love, their family wasn't too happy with the pair's "nuptials" and arranged an engagement party. Tasha later found out she was pregnant and was convinced the baby was a product of rape during her time at the cult "The Believers". Robbie was later proved the father and the two left the Bay with baby Ella.

Matt and Evie

High school sweethearts, Matt and Evie shared a kiss early on, but didn’t start dating each other until much later. Initially, Evie was reserved to the idea of dating her best friend, but the more she rejected the idea, the more she became drawn to Matt. Popping the question, Evie soon received an offer to be a teacher in Vietnam and the couple celebrated their wedding in the Bay with those they cherished.

Brax and Ricky

Ricky thought Brax was dead and had married Nate. Talk about a rocky relationship. Ricky is taken by complete surprise as Brax turns up, having been invited by Nate and reveals he’s now a free man. He explains he never got in touch with Ricky as he didn’t want to interfere in what he thought was her happy marriage. Brax tells Ricky he loves her, and she loves him too! They kiss and drive away, while Nate is left alone, heartbroken.

Heath and Bianca

Third time's a charm, right Bianca?! After running away from her wedding a few years earlier, and calling it quits with Liam Murphy that same year, we had little faith that another nuptials would go off without a hitch. And it didn't. Heath had to clear his conscience and that resulted in a black eye, midway through the ceremony. All seemed lost until the couple figured out their differences and married three days later.

April and Dex

The relationship between April and Dex had its fair share of drama. From panic attacks to ex-partners, it happened to be the unfortunate the death of good friend Romeo Smith that prompted Dex to pop the question. Although April had her doubts that the wedding would go ahead, she was further conflicted about leaving the Bay and bringing Dexter with her. She knew she made the right decision in marrying her true love once they said "I do" however, and they left for their new life in France.

Hayley and Scott

When Scott returns homeless after a fire, he becomes close to Hayley and they sleep together. Soon after, Hayley becomes involved with Kim Hyde (Chris Hemsworth) and falls pregnant. Believed to be the father, Kim and fiancee Hayley become engaged and prepare to marry. She soon goes into labour in a secluded location and is found by Scott when he searches for her with Alf and Kim. Scott delivers the baby and Hayley names the child Noah after her late husband. When Kim is hit by a car, his blood type doesn't not match Noah's, and Scott is revealed to be the biological father. Then, Scott and Hayley leave together.

Kim and Kit

Kim and Kit start out as good friends, and then eventually move onto a relationship. When Kit arrives back from Paris, she is heartbroken to realise they can’t pick up where they left off as he’s moved on with Hayley and expecting a child. As Kit takes some time off, she reveals she is pregnant with Kim’s baby Archie, who had already faced several dangers before coming into the world, including two collapses and a car crash. Their baby was born the same day that his grandmother Beth died in a car crash.

Alls well that ends well!

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