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About the show

Gold Coast Medical is an unprecedented new series that takes a deep dive into their high-stakes world – following the heroic work of the varied real-life medical personnel who make up the Gold Coast’s largest hospital (the newly renovated $1.7 billion Gold Coast University Hospital) and vital ambulance services – like we’ve never seen them before.

About the show

About the show

From the paramedics and trauma teams (featuring access to the dramatic triple zero emergency calls), to the cardiologists, obstetricians, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, paediatric nurses, and oncologists – this compelling new observational documentary series has gained widespread access across several departments - following all kinds of medical stories through the eyes of unforgettable characters.

From the midwife birthing a very special baby in the maternity ward, to the paramedic saving a young man’s brain from bleeding out on a building site, the neuro-radiologists removing a giant blood clot to save a man from a lifetime paralysis, the emergency trauma paramedic called to a serious road crash, the ED nurse dealing with a guy tossed by a buffalo, the neurosurgeon removing a dangerous brain tumour the size of an apple, the infectious disease specialist trying to diagnose a case of Ebola, or the sexual health doctor assisting a man with vampire disease – each episode will feature a diverse mix of captivating stories and characters, across the entire hospital.

From medical miracles on a daily bases, to the more bizarre, unusual or even funny cases, to those that require a difficult diagnosis, placement on a wait list or the most precise of operations – this gripping series captures all the challenges and triumphs of a day in the life of the Gold Coast’s most expert medical teams.

As we move from the streets to the surgery wards, and everywhere in between, we’ll get to know a core cast of everyday heroes who dedicate their lives to caring and repairing for the Gold Coast locals. Whether it’s a minor cut or it’s cancer – this is the story of the incredible doctors, nurses, ambulance officers, surgeons and specialists, who will do all that they can to make it better.

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