Dressing 'Downton Abbey'

The Morning Show chat to the period drama's costume designer Anna Robbins about her favourite fashion moments from the show and having a royal visitor on set.

John Bates

We could start to plan again. We could revive our dreams." – John Bates

Sarah O'Brien

"Everything's all right with me. But it will be all wrong with you before long, mark my words." – Sarah O'BrienNext

Anna Bates

"We may have our troubles, both of us, but we’ll get through them." – Anna Bates

Alfred Nugent

"We don’t all have to live off battered fish and meat pies." – Alfred Nugent

Thomas Barrow

"It may surprise you to hear it, Mr. Carson, but I’ve been happy here." – Thomas Barrow

Ivy Stuart

"And all this time I thought he was so nice." – Ivy Stuart

Charles Blake

"We'll toast the fun we've had and whatever the future might bring us. " – Charles Blake

Sarah Bunting

"You do have a future but not here. Not with these people." – Sarah Bunting

Tom Branson

"I’m not sure where I live. I feel sometimes I’m hanging in mid-air." – Tom Branson

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