Downton Abbey: Preview - Monday 15th February

Mary's past catches up with her when an unwelcome visitor delivers an ultimatum, and news about the running of Downton Hospital puts Violet on the warpath.

John Bates

We could start to plan again. We could revive our dreams." – John Bates

Sarah O'Brien

"Everything's all right with me. But it will be all wrong with you before long, mark my words." – Sarah O'BrienNext

Anna Bates

"We may have our troubles, both of us, but we’ll get through them." – Anna Bates

Alfred Nugent

"We don’t all have to live off battered fish and meat pies." – Alfred Nugent

Thomas Barrow

"It may surprise you to hear it, Mr. Carson, but I’ve been happy here." – Thomas Barrow

Ivy Stuart

"And all this time I thought he was so nice." – Ivy Stuart

Charles Blake

"We'll toast the fun we've had and whatever the future might bring us. " – Charles Blake

Sarah Bunting

"You do have a future but not here. Not with these people." – Sarah Bunting

Tom Branson

"I’m not sure where I live. I feel sometimes I’m hanging in mid-air." – Tom Branson

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