Star Jumpers

Taking on each game once all the teams have participated, the team that came closest to the Star Jumper’s score in every round wins $500.

Cannonball Star Jumpers

Cannonball Star Jumpers

Episode 1 - MKR’s Alex & Gareth

These miners from Queensland may have cooked their way to the Top 10 of MKR but have they got the right ingredients to take on the main course of a giant slide and side order of a freezing lake?

Episode 2 - Steve “Commando” Willis and Emily Skye

A highly qualified fitness coach and former Team Commander with the Australian Special Forces combined with a health and fitness expert with over 9 million fans on Facebook. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode 3 - Adam Dovile and Loudy Wiggins

Better Homes & Garden’s resident builder and TV Week Logie award winner Adam Dovile teams up with dual Olympic medallist diver Loudy Wiggins. Who will have the advantage four stories high?

Episode 4 (Grand Final) - MKR’s Ash & Martino

Fan favourites of MKR, neither Ash nor Martino managed to take the title of My Kitchen Rules but nothing says redemption like being propelled ten metres into the air and landing face first in a body of water.

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