Britain's Busiest Airport Heathrow

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About the show

Three-part documentary series going behind the scenes at Britain's busiest and biggest international airport - London Heathrow. The series follows Heathrow’s army of 70,000 staff as they attempt to safely process 250,000 passengers every single day. The airport is running at 98% capacity, so there is very little margin for error – even the smallest problem can have huge consequences for the £2.6 billion business.



Episode 1 - Arrivals

This episode follows Heathrow staff racing against the clock to process thousands of passengers arriving from 84 different countries. Airside Safety Officer Glenn and his colleagues work closely with Air Traffic Control to keep Heathrow’s two runways open and clear of debris. Meanwhile, staff from the Animal Reception Centre welcome a variety of weird and wonderful animals – from pet ferrets to a wild tiger. Inside the terminals, Heathrow staff deal with passengers including a man who is stuck living at the airport after being deported from Thailand, and a family whose young relatives have got lost in Arrivals.

Episode 2 - Turnaround

This episode follows Heathrow staff struggling to turn around hundreds of arriving planes, and get them back into the air on time. Cleaners, ground staff and flight crew race to get the world’s biggest passenger plane ready for departure. Meanwhile Heathrow prepares to open a £2bn new terminal, and welcomes a very special royal guest.

Airport duty manager Andy is called on to defuse a major international protest, and a team of workers battle the elements as they attempt to resurface the runway overnight in time for the first flight of the morning.

Episode 3 - Departures

This episode follows Heathrow staff trying to process 100,000 departing passengers a day, and get their flights away on time. Dispatcher Callie and Ramp Manager Steve have their plans thrown into chaos by a passenger who disappears after checking on to their flight.

In Security, Sundeep and his team have to search an unusually dressed traveller, and deal with a man who is unhappy about having his bag searched. Meanwhile, Heathrow’s extradition team ensures police suspects are put on departing flights, while paparazzi photographer Kate is on the lookout for celebrities flying through the airport.

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