Bottersnikes and Gumbles

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About the Show

Only Happi Gumble is old enough to remember a time before the Bottersnikes arrived in the valley. Now they’re here, the Bottersnikes are like an occupying force and act like they own the place.

Bottersnikes and Gumbles - About the show

Bottersnikes and Gumbles - About the show

Botternikes hate Gumbles - sickeningly happy stretchy squashy little creatures. They’d never admit it, but they’re jealous of them, especially as Gumbles don’t shrink when they get wet. They're also frustratingly hard to catch and even harder to hurt because of their stretch and squash ability.

The mere presence of Gumbles in this valley is an affront to – the Bottersnikes’ belief that they’re in charge – especially the King. And that puts the Gumbles in a perpetual state of conflict with these nasty creatures.

Bottersnikes are bigger and stronger than Gumbles. They can also be pretty fast over a short distance if anger gets the better of them. But Gumbles are smarter, more resourceful and can work as a team.

What makes a Gumble?

Gumbles are the good guys mostly...

They’re amazing creatures that can squash and stretch into any imaginable shape without hurting themselves.
They’re weasel-sized, smart, very resourceful and generally have an unsinkably positive outlook on life. Wouldn’t you ?

They live in the coolest tree house imaginable complete with a rusty old school bus. The tree sits on an island in the middle of a river, keeping the water-hating Bottersnikes at bay.
Over years, that most Gumbles have forgotten, the tree has grown up through the old bus, lifting it off the ground so it’s now stuck halfway up and secured by the old Eucalyptus tree’s bulging limbs.

Gumbles are good at making ingenious structures and devices from the junk they find. But that can be hard work. Gumbles are innately fun loving thrill seekers who use their elastic squashy stretchiness for gumbling – an extreme and exciting cross between parkour, free climbing and base jumping. Gumbling usually leads to all sorts of adventures around the dump!

What makes a Bottersnike?

These are the bad guys invariably...

They’re mean spirited, selfish, lazy, stinky, mostly evil creatures who think they own the dump. They’re half the size of a human adult, with hard scaly skin, sharp teeth, claws and ears that glow red hot when they get angry, which is most of the time.

They live in Bottersnike lair, located up on Snike Hill, at the north end of the valley. At the centre of Snike Hill is a rusting old lorry cab which the King has claimed as his throne. There’s also The Magnet where the Snikes like to stick the Gumbles after they’ve stuffed them into tins. Junk is strewn everywhere in the Bottersnikes lair, and that’s just how they like it!

Bottersnikes are exceptionally lazy creatures. There are only two things that will force a Bottersnike into action. The first is an order from the Bottersnike King. The Bottersnikes resent being ordered around, but the King is the heaviest of all Bottersnikes so the threat of having their head sat on is real and present.

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