The Ringleader: Lawrence Mooney

His brutally honest and hilarious insights have earned him Best Show Sydney Comedy Festival 2015 and a Barry Award Nomination for Best Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015.

The Ringleader: Lawrence Mooney (Regular Panellist)

The Ringleader: Lawrence Mooney (Regular Panellist)

Lawrence is well known as the host of Dirty Laundry live, which ran for three seasons on ABC TV, and his sitcom pilot Moonman, which airedon ABC TV in 2016.

Lawrence is heard throughout Australia on Triple M with his acclaimed impersonation of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and is also a regular feature on Triple M’s drive show Merrickville.

Lawrence moved to commercial television in 2016 as host of the Rio Paralympics and now he’s the ringleader of Seven’s brand-new comedy panel program BEHAVE YOURSELF.

The panel of six rotates from show to show, but Lawrence Mooney is the exception. Despite knowing very little about his own psychology, he is asked back for every show.

“I’m fascinated with how the human mind works. I constantly surprise myself with my choices, impulses and responses.

My parent mind is so often disappointed with the choices of my child mind.”

Lawrence’s Behave Yourself highlight:

The most fun I had on the show was trying not to laugh with a mouthful of water opposite SamFrost. We just saturated each other. It’s impossible not to laugh when asked not to laugh.

Lawrence’s favourite Behave Yourself learning?

Oh, Lordy, so many delicious facts on every show. I think behaviours around the endless dating game and rules of attraction are amazing.

Tell us about a time when you didn’t behave yourself?

Look, alcohol can convince you that you’re more attractive than you are, a better dancer, more erudite and funnier than ever. Alcohol is a liar.

When are you most likely to behave yourself?

In front of my children, I try to be a good dad but that comes unravelled at the footy. I’m demonstrative, what can I say?

People are more likely to behave if they are being watched. Tell us about a time when your actions were the result of someone else being around.

I’m so well behaved around authority because I imagine I look suspicious, I even stand up straight and walk with purpose. That must make me look like a freak.

Will anything you have learned during Behave Yourself impact the way you behave?

I learned that your decision making is improved if you need to go to the toilet so I’ve started holding on more in a vain attempt to improve my life.

Who was your favourite partner on Behave Yourself?

I had a very strong simpatico with two guests - Shane Warne and Gina Liano. If I was a woman I’d be Gina, she is awesome and a bit cheeky, we laughed a lot.

Any tips for viewers playing along at home?

Go with your instincts and don’t let anyone talk you out of a decision.

Twitter: @lawrencemooney
Instagram: @lawrencemooney
Facebook: /lawrencemooneyofficial

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