The Ringmaster: Darren McMullen

Always having a propensity for acting, he would quite often fake illnesses to avoid school. One class he would never miss, however, was drama.

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster

Darren’s career started at MTV, where he both hosted and acted in shows he helped create. Darren’s first foray into prime time network television came in 2010 as the host of Seven’s quirky game show Minute To Win It – a show that would later catapult his career into the UK where he was asked to host the local version for ITV.

The Big Music Quiz drew Darren back to Australia in 2016, and to Channel Seven. Now he’s the ringmaster of Seven’s brand-new comedy panel program BEHAVE YOURSELF.

Growing up Darren hated being called weird, but now he wears it as a badge of honour, and after filming Behave Yourself has learnt “humans are absolutely bonkers, especially the ones that seem the most together”.

“All my friends are crazy too, I find the most interesting folk are,” explains Darren.

Darren’s tip for those playing along at home? “I don’t have any tips, because viewers will be familiar with the irrational, bizarre and wacky behaviours that Behave Yourself explores. It doesn’t matter what footy team you support, what school you went to, or what you do for a living, we are all as crazy as each other and have problems behaving ourselves”. Darren currently divides his time between Los Angeles and Australia.

Darren’s favourite Behave Yourself learning?

That we are 15% more attractive to females if we eat two cloves of garlic a day. I’ve used that one a lot at the pub. That’s the great thing about the show – it’s a funny, easy watch but you’re also learning things that you can use to trip up your mates and work colleagues.

Darren’s favourite Behave Yourself round?

I was amazed at all the experiments we did with the kids in ‘Child’s Play’. I love the honesty of children – no messing about, no niceties, they’re just straight to the point. Us adults could learn a lot from our younger selves.

Tell us about a time when you didn’t behave yourself?

Unfortunately, I got into the TV game when I was a young man and I don’t think my brain had fully formed yet. As a result,
a lot of my bad behaviour was documented. Google it!

When are you most likely to behave yourself?

In the immigration line at LAX Airport. Those guys are terrifying – I start sweating the moment I approach the counter and hand over my passport. It’s so strange, similar to when you hear
a police siren while you’re driving, you panic even if you aren’t doing anything wrong!

Darren’s Behave Yourself highlight:

The whole show was so fun to lm. Lawrence is so bloody hilarious, he’s a total legend, I’m glad I got to work with him

Will anything you have learned during Behave Yourself impact the way you behave?

I don’t think I’ll behave any differently but I love being Mr Know It All at the pub on a Friday night. I’ve won so many bets with all the amazing things I have learnt on Behave Yourself. Everyone else will have their faces stuck in their phone as they resort to Google but Behave Yourself viewers will be a fountain of knowledge.

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