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Viva Las Vegas!

About the Show 2014 - Viva Las Vegas

About the Show 2014 - Viva Las Vegas

Beauty and the Geek Australia is back and this year it’s heading to Sin City.

It’s Viva Las Vegas for this year’s eight hapless Geeks as they venture to the party capital of the world.

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They’ll be like fish out of water amongst the bright lights and high rollers. But they won’t be alone. Joining them on the infamous gambling strip will be eight American Beauties.

Now in its sixth season, this will be the first time our Aussie Geeks will be paired with girls from the USA. From beauty queens to models and pageant winners, the Geeks have hit the jackpot with this year’s Beauties.

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Famous for its casinos and nightlife, Las Vegas will be the perfect backdrop for this year’s fun-filled high jinx.

The show is the ultimate social experiment. What happens when you pair a group of women who have relied primarily on their looks with a bunch of Geeks who bank on their intellect?

The Beauties and Geeks team up to compete in a series of challenges to test their brain power and charisma whilst they evolve throughout the process.

Each contestant will need to share their strengths with their partner in order to succeed.

There will be plenty of fun, laughter and teamwork along with miscommunication and frustration as the teams bond to overcome their differences in pursuit of a $100,000 prize.

Beauty and the Geek Australia is hosted by James Tobin. The show is executive produced by Paul Melville for Seven and Marty Benson for Shine Australia.

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