Beat Bugs: Mon 24 Apr, season 1 episode 26

The Beat Bugs attempt to cheer up a bedridden Buzz. Then, Buzz's imagination might be the key to saving the impending destruction of their home.

Beat Bugs: Mon 17 Apr, season 1 episode 21

With the help of Blackbird, Jay finally gets to fulfil his dream of visiting the wondrous Big House. Then, Blackbird's wing has fully healed meaning she has to leave and return to her flock.

Beat Bugs: Fri 14 Apr, season 1 episode 20

Strawberry Fields Forever: The Beat Bugs have to find a way to get rid of a trio of hungry miner birds before all the strawberries are gone forever. Then, cockroach finds a way to take advantage of …

Beat Bugs: Tue 11 Apr, season 1 episode 17

We Can Work It Out/Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Walter and Jay refuse to talk to each other after a personality clash. Then, when Sergeant Pepper's Circus arrives in the village, Walter is …

Beat Bugs: Mon 10 Apr, season 1 episode 16

Mr Moonlight/There's a Place: After feeling unappreciated by the Beat Bugs, Mr Moonlight disappears, sending the garden into total darkness. Then, Crick is the only bug who refuses to compete at the …

Beat Bugs: Thu 6 Apr, season 1 episode 14

Yellow Submarine and I Call Your Name: The Beat Bugs go on a magical underwater journey in a yellow submarine. Then, when Jay and Walter get in a fight, Kumi and Crick's plan to get them back …

Beat Bugs: Wed 5 Apr, season 1 episode 13

When the ants become homeless, Crick invites them to come and live in the village with the Beat Bugs. Then, the Beat Bugs befriend Blackbird after discovering a mutual love of daydreaming.

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