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Al McGlashan

Fast-forward 10 years and Al is now Australia’s best-known modern fisherman who has (according to Al) never worked a day in his life – “If you love what you do, your passing will make it a success.”

Al McGlashan

Al McGlashan

As a 39 year old father of two young fishing novices, Al spends more than 200 days a year on
the water successfully combining his passion for fishing, conservation and photography. Despite no formal training in journalism (in fact his English teacher still doesn’t believe he writes for a living!) Al now contributes to magazines around the world including Modern Fishing, Outback Mag and Club Marine.

Al is also Australia’s biggest exporter of fishing images and his work has graced the covers of major international magazines including Marlin Magazine (USA), Saltwater Sportsman (USA), New Zealand Fishing World, Voyager De Peche (France), Ski Boat (South Africa).
On top of this Al’s weekly column in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph is the largest fishing column in a major paper and reaches close to a million readers every Friday. Al has authored several books including the bestseller – The Complete Fishing Bible – which is now in its third edition. And with writing clearly in the family, Al’s better half, Rach, has also written a sellout cookbook – Dinner with the fishwife.

Al’s fishing exploits are famous and he has received worldwide coverage from the filming the great white sharks aggregation near Sydney, as well as catching a monster bull shark in Sydney Harbour.

More recently he landed one of the biggest tuna ever seen after an epic 7hour battle that was a leading story for the nightly news. Even with all this, Al’s biggest achievement was the world-wide first of filming a massive mako attacking a marlin underwater right in the danger

Al’s passion for fishing doesn’t just live on the boat, but extends far into the fishing community with a dedication to fisheries research and acting as a government advisor promoting sustainable fishing.

‘My gut feeling is in the future when the history of Australian angling is written this young man, Alistair McGlashan, will stand amongst the elite’.

Rex Hunt forward to The Complete Fishing Bible

In an effort to do more for the environment and promote research Al started up the Pelagic Foundation ( that is focussed on fostering the relationship between researchers and anglers in an effort to unlock the secret lives of pelagic fish.
Additionally, Al works tirelessly promoting fishing and outdoors education with regular fishing seminars and school visits. He has even entered the political arena as a federal candidate for the NSW Senate and received over 90,000 votes – not bad for someone who went fishing on the day!

With more than 3.5million anglers in Australia fishing is becoming big business in this country. Al has developed an international reputation and has strong relationships with major companies like Yamaha, Caltex, Shimano, Evolution Boats, Club Marine, Sony, and
Compleat Angler just to mention a few.

So while it may seem like all fun and no play at times, it’s been a long road to success for Al, but payoff has been worth it become an icon and thought-leader in the fishing and boating industry – and according to Al he would have it no other way, especially when he gets to do what he loves most – fish and then tell everyone about it!

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