About The Show

800 Words is an 8 x 1 hour comedy drama series created by James Griffin and Maxine Fleming. The show is being co-produced by South Pacific Pictures and Seven Productions for the Seven Network in Australia.


From left to right: Benson Jack Anthony, Erik Thomson, Melina Vidler

Starring Erik Thomson in the lead role, the series will be shot in New Zealand with a local crew helmed by Producer Chris Hampson and a cast comprised of both Kiwi and Australian actors.

Erik Thomson plays George, a man who used to skate through life but who is now stumbling. When his wife dies suddenly, George makes a rash decision to move his two teenaged kids away from the big smoke of Sydney to the picturesque town of Weld in New Zealand. All he wants to do is make a fresh start but it seems that everyone - his kids, the townspeople, the universe - have other ideas.

This is a Seven and South Pacific Pictures production created by James Griffin (Outrageous Fortune, The Almighty Johnsons) and Maxine Fleming (Being Eve, Outrageous Fortune).

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