7TWO is a broad entertainment channel offering all our viewers greater choice through a variety of shows with something for everyone no matter what your age. The channel is programmed to provide an alternative viewing option to that of Seven and 7Mate.

7TWO has some of the best Lifestyle television available. Take a peek at what it takes to Escape to the Country, watch a transformation occur in 60 Minute Makeover and the real life drama of auction in Homes Under the Hammer.

7TWO features the finest of British Drama where favourites Heartbeat, Doc Martin, Taggart, A Touch of Frost and more from all around the world have a home.

There’s hilarious British Comedy Classics, Fawlty Towers, Dad’s Army, Keeping Up Appearances and more.

Wake up each morning to Total Girl Kids. Hannah Montana, The Wizards of Waverley Place and Sonny with a Chance from 6.30 weekdays.

A broad mix of new and classic programs - including Coronation Street, Shortland Street, Home and Away - The Early Years and Sons and Daughters every morning.

7TWO has an extensive movie catalogue with a mid-arvo movie weekdays and throughout Sundays. There’s mystery movies, comedies, classics and good old fashion romances.

Handpicked cooking programs from the world’s top chefs including Kylie Kwong make up Weekend Kitchen every Saturday afternoon then The Travel Block takes you everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go each Saturday from 4pm.


What is 7TWO ?

Channel Seven already has its main channel in both Analogue and Digital. 7TWO and 7mate are now Seven’s two additional free to air channels.

How do I get it ?

To receive 7TWO, tune into channel 72 on a Digital TV, PVR or Set top box. If you have an analogue television you will need to connect your old TV to a Digital Set Top Box, a PVR, or Digital recorder and tune in to channel 72.

If I haven’t got a Digital TV – what should I do to see the channel ?

Your old TV in most cases can connect to a Digital set top box or PVR, check the Freeview website for more help.

What is an EPG ?

The EPG stands for “Electronic Program Guide” and is automatically transmitted with the 7TWO signal. The EPG allows viewers to get information on programs, start times and finish times and allows you to plan your viewing in your own home. The EPG will also be available in Freeview capable homes.

Why is 7TWO called a standard definition channel ?

7TWO is being transmitted at the same quality as Channel 7 – that is called “standard definition”. For viewers who prefer higher quality viewing, Channel 7 is also available in High Definition, however 7TWO will not be in HD as it is purely a standard definition channel.

What is 7TWO going to offer me ?

7TWO is an entertainment channel. Seven already delivers you great entertainment, 7TWO brings you more and it’s free.

Click here for more information regarding Digital Television or Freeview.

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