This week on Saturday Disney Shae, Sally and Jack are heading to Dreamworld and Whitewater World on the Gold Coast for a massive morning of fast-paced fun! Of course they’ll be hitting all the scary rides, but can they make it to the end of the show without filling their vomit bags? You’ll have to tune in to find out. And it’s not all about the rides; you’ll also get to see the most amazing Bengal and Sumatran Tigers. Plus this week’s Double Dog Dare is a very wet one… followed by a side-splitting punishment.

And amongst all the Dreamworld fun we’re still not forgetting to deliver you the freshest episodes of the best cartoons on the box! Phineas and Ferb scheme up their very own animation studio; Justin turns nasty after becoming a teachers’ assistant on Wizards of Waverly Place; and Miley tries to find a new style for her alter-ego on a new Hannah Montana.

Plus don’t forget you’ll be seeing Hannah Montana Series Three right here on Saturday Disney in just three weeks time! Woohoo!

See all of this and more on Saturday Disney from 7-9am on the Seven Network.

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