Hong Kong here we come. It’s a massive show because Shae, Sally and Jack are taking you tripping around all the different sights of Hong Kong.

They check out the Giant Pandas, visit the most enormous Buddha you’ll ever see, take you to a market that sells lots and lots and lots of pet goldfish, they try the local way of eating, go sailing on a Junk and so much more.

And if you thought that was enough fun, we’ve got brand new episodes of your favourites Phineas and Ferb AND the magical Wizards of Waverly Place! The boys are scheming all different ways to get rid of Isabella’s hiccups in Phineas and Ferb; Justin’s zit gets really out of hand in Wizards; and a perfume’s smell starts to bring back bad memories for Miley in Hannah Montana.

What a massive morning! Catch Saturday Disney from 7-9am on the Seven Network

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