Hey Guys!

Now, I hope you’re not feeling queasy this weekend, because it’s National Blood Donor week. I visit the Red Cross Blood Service and learn all about blood donations. You have to be very healthy to be able to donate blood, and luckily, I’m as healthy as an ox (only better looking!). I bring Candice along for support… but I end up coming to HER rescue! A little warning would be great next time! Thanks Candice!

I’m not the only brave one in the Disney house this week – Shae takes Billy Bob along to the Vet to donate blood for his fellow canine companions... After all that generous donating, Billy Bob and I need a sweet treat and fortunately we are cooking up some delicious chocolate coconut balls!

Also this week, Shae shows us how to check-mate your opponent in just TWO moves! If only I knew how to play chess…

On top of all that, we also have your favourite Disney shows, like Shake It Up, where CeCe dishes out some bad love advice. Teddy and PJ are impersonating their parents on Good Luck Charlie. The boys are also donning disguises on Zeke and Luther, but for a very different reason! So Random! keeps the laughs coming with the All Magical Student Wheel of Fortune and the guys on A.N.T. Farm are on a mission to save Fletcher’s artwork.

So find your comfiest spot on the couch and catch all the action on 7TWO, 7am-10am!

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