Hey Guys!

It's Sleepover time! Now, many of you may think that Sleepovers are just for the girls, but I am here to prove you wrong! I love a good sleepover, probably because I love nothing more than wearing my comfiest pyjamas. Claire Starkey from Total Girl is dropping by to give us some awesome tips on how to host the perfect sleepover – it has everything to do with P.A.R.T.Y! Sounds good to me!

Commando Shae makes a return this week, and she’s braving the high ropes! Although, I’m not sure that ‘brave’ is the right word to use... this should be interesting!

Candice catches up with Jeff Kinney, the author of The Wimpy Kid Series. She pulls out all the stops and tries to give Jeff Kinney the ‘cheese touch’. Doesn’t she know you can’t fool a master!

This week also sees the return of one of your favourites, Shake It Up! It’s mock court time on Good Luck Charlie and Teddy seems to be taking it very seriously. On Pair Of Kings, the boys encounter some obstacles on the way to prom and Colbie Callait performs on So Random. Cameron believes he has psychic abilities on A.N.T. Farm, but I have a feeling Chyna might have something to do with that...

So make sure you stay in your pj’s this week, curl up on the couch and join our sleepover party! Catch it all on 7TWO, 7-10!

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