Hey Guys,

How many of you have ever dreamed of feeding a tiger? Sure they have big teeth and sharp claws, but I’m a very courageous person... Ok, so the tigers I meet this week are still babies, but they could still cause me some harm! That's right, this week I'm headed to the Gold Coast to meet two very cute tiger cubs, who also prove to be rather cheeky too!

Notorious Nathan hits the deck at DJ School, and learns to spin some tunes. You'll have to tune in to see whether the music he makes is sweet or sour. Candice catches up with Billy Connolly, who voices King Fergus in Disney Pixar's new movie, Brave. The conversation takes an interesting turn when kilts are brought into question...

The fun continues with all your favourite Disney sitcoms, like I'm In The Band, where the guys find themselves stuck on a bus with Tripp’s grandma and friends. On Good Luck Charlie, Gabe freaks when his date for the ball starts actually starts liking him. It’s a case of double trouble on Pair of Kings, and trouble isn’t far away on A.N.T. Farm either. I think Olive needs to work on her gangster talk, I’m not convinced! And ‘you’re not gonna believe this’ but Rufus is back on So Random!

So snuggle up on the couch and catch all the action on 7TWO 7am - 10am this Saturday!

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