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We asked you to answer our Question of the Week...

"Tell us what your ultimate celebration would be like..."

Here are some of the best responses...

I'd start the celebration by heli-skiing (when a helicopter drops you off on a remote mountain and you ski down), then I'd arrive at a mountain lodge filled with all my friends and family and we'd spend the afternoon partying and taking dips in the jacuzzi overlooking the snow covered mountains!

My ultimate celebration would be one huge, giant beach party! It would take up the whole beach and have all my best mates partying up a storm!

It would be a party on the beach during summer! Fruit smoothies and tropical-looking cupcakes would definitely be on the menu.

Madi, aged 9, QLD:
My ultimate celebration would be to celebrate having animals, family, friends and happiness in our lives.

Lauren, aged 12, NSW:
My ultimate celebration would be a pool party! I'd have all my favourite people over and we’d play games in the pool for hours, and maybe have a BBQ.

Zach, aged 10, VIC:
My celebration would be BOYS ONLY! I'd have all my best friends around and we would play some video games, then some footy in the backyard. It would make my sister really jealous!

Alana, 7, SA:
I would have a pet party! Where everyone needs to bring along their pet and they can all play together and maybe give them baths. But no snakes or spiders allowed!

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