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  1. Secret Life Of Pets Saturday!

    We have decided to pet sit and we have animals EVERYWHERE! It’s a bit crazy but they are very cute so it’s completely worth it!

    Secret Life Of Pets Saturday!
  2. Origami Saturday!

    There's something strange going on in the Disney House! There are paper cranes everywhere and we keep receiving paper messages with challenges on them.

    Origami Saturday!
  3. Retro Fashion Saturday!

    It’s time to have a good look in your wardrobe and check the boxes in the attic because we’re having a look for some retro outfits with the band Little Sea!

    Retro Fashion Saturday!
  4. Saturday Disney Presents - Australia’s Next Biggest Triple Threat Superstar!

    We have such an exciting show for you today - we’re bringing you our very own talent show!

    Saturday Disney Presents - Australia’s Next Biggest Triple Threat Superstar!
  5. Winter Wonderland!

    Brrrrr, its cold in here! It’s well and truly into winter and we are definitely feeling the cold.

    Winter Wonderland!
  6. Aussie Youth Saturday!

    We're real party animals this week in the Disney House! We are planning an awesome party for our friends.

    Aussie Youth Saturday!


  • Rainbow Ice Blocks

    Rainbow Ice Blocks

    Try these yummy (and healthy) rainbow ice blocks, just in time for summer!


  • Singapore Fun!

    Singapore Fun!

    Check out our photo album from our latest trip to Singapore!



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