Fruit and Vegie Pirate Faces


These snacks ARRRRRR mighty delicious!


2 rice cakes
1 tbs hummus
2 slices cucumber
4 sultanas
4 fresh chives
1/2 tsp poppy seeds
2 slices and 2 triangles of red capsicum
Slices red apple


1. Spread rice cakes with hummus.
2. Use 1 slice cucumber to make the eye.
3. Add 1 sultana to the cucumber to make an eye.
4. Use the sultana to make a nose.
5. Add the capsicum triangle as the eye patch.
6. Place 1 chives across the top of each face.
7. Cut remaining chives into pieces and place around patches.
8. Use the poppy seeds to make a beard.
9. Use the capsicum slice to make a mouth.
10. Arrange 2 large slices apple and 2 smaller slices of apple on the top of each face to make a head scarf.


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