Sue and Suzie’s Micro-muffins!


Entice your inner reporter with this delicious play on the average muffin...


12 brightly colored wafer cones
12 mini muffins or cupcakes
1 cups prepared vanilla frosting or icing
Blue, green, yellow & red food coloring
1 cups chocolate buttons
4 pieces red or black licorice laces
Blue, green, yellow & red sprinkles


(1) Line the wafer cones on the counter. Unwrap the cupcakes from the paper. Place one cupcake on top of each cone.

(2) Divide the frosting between 4 bowls. With the food coloring, tint each bowl a different color to the desired shade. Cover the cupcakes with the frosting and matching sprinkles.

(3) Separate the chocolate buttons into matching colors of frosting otherwise use random colors. Dab chocolate buttons with frosting/icing, and make a continuous line chocolate buttons around the top edge of the cones.

(4) Cut each licorice lace into 6 pieces. Pierce a small hole in the bottom of each cone, and slide a piece of licorice inside.


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