Tuna Nicoise Salad

Serves 4:


400g sashimi grade tuna
600g fine French green beans
1/4 Spanish onion (very finely sliced)
20 vine ripened cherry tomatoes
250g black olive tapenade
100ml shallot dressing
4 soft boiled eggs (cooked for 7 mins, cold water start)
8 slices of char-grilled sourdough bread


Char-grill tuna on a very hot grill quickly to ensure tuna is still rare in the middle.

Place to the side and allow to cool. Then slice into even slices approximately 5mm thick.

Blanch beans in salted boiling water for 2 mins and refresh in ice water, then drain.

Place the eggs in a pot of cold water and place on the stove, on a high heat for 7mins. Refresh eggs in ice water and then gently peel the eggs. Removing all shell.

In a bowl place beans, finely sliced red onion, cherry tomato, shallot dressing, salt and pepper.

Mix until all is coated in the dressing.

With a pastry brush, brush 1 stroke across the plate with the olive tapenade. Place a small amount of the dressed beans in the centre of the plate (on top of the tapenade). Ensure to include some of the onion and tomato amongst the beans.

Place 2 slices of the char-grilled tuna on top.

Place more of the mixed beans on top and then a further 2 more slices of the tuna.

Cut one of the eggs in half and garnish the salad (one half on each side of the dressed salad). Place char-grilled bread also to the side and serve.


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