Phineas Sandwich


Not just a great cartoon, but delicious too!


Wholemeal bread
Sliced cheese


1. Start by cutting off all the crust from the bread. You may want to ask an adult to do this for you.

2. Butter the bread, and put a slice of cheese in between the bread.

3. Cut the bread into a triangular shape to match Phineas’ head.

4. Carefully cut out the mouth – try not to cut all the way into the cheese, you’ll need that for his teeth!

5. Cut out a smaller section of the cheese in the mouth – and you should have Phineas’ big smile!

6. Using a new piece of cheese, cut out two circles for the eyes. Tip: use a bottle lid to get the perfect circle.

7. Place the sultanas in the centre of the cheese circles and place in position on Phineas’ head.

8. Get an adult to help you chop up the carrots into spiky looking hair.

9. Enjoy your delicious Phineas!


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