Low Fat & Hypo-Allergenic Chocolate Mousse



200mL water
225g good quality dark chocolate min 75%
2 tbsp caster sugar (optional)

Flavours: choose only 1 (optional)
1 bag of Earl Grey tea
25mL of brandy or ameretto liquor or Cointreau (adjust water measurement to 175mL water)
½ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground cayenne pepper
2 drops rose water
3 drops of orange blossom water


Put the water and chocolate into a pan and melt over a medium to low heat stirring constantly. If you want to sweeten your mousse, add the sugar into the pan.

Have two bowls ready. One filled with ice and a little water. The other bowl needs to sit on top of the ice water.

Pour the melted chocolate into the smaller bowl and start to whisk the mixture watching very closely that you don't over-whip. It's ready when the chocolate resembles whipped cream. Pour into serving glasses or add as an internal layer of a cake.


  • To add an Earl Grey flavour, simply brew the water with a tea bag of Earl Grey. Once infused replace 200mL of plain water with 200mL of Earl Grey tea.
  • To add a liquor flavour, simply replace 25mL of total 200mL water with desired liquor.
  • For cinnamon, rose, or orange flavour, simply add quantity into the 1st step.
  • If you over whip the mouse and it becomes lumpy or grainy, never fear just return it to the pan and re-melt it and whisk over ice again.
  • As a garnish you could use some whipped cream.


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