Nathan’s Curious Cupcakes


There’s something a little different about these cupcakes...


200g beef mince
Tablespoon of oil
1 packet instant mashed potato
Food colouring


(1) Heat the oil in a pan and add mince. Fry until brown. Set aside to cool.

(2) Make up instant mashed potato according to the packet and add in your favourite food colouring to make a colourful “icing” mixture.

(3) Cut the tops off the cupcakes (these can be ones you make or bought from the store) and carefully scoop out the middle.

(4) Scoop small spoonfuls of the meat mixture into the middle of each cupcake and replace with the top.

(5) Spread the coloured mashed potato generously on top of the cupcake so it looks like icing. You can even add a few sprinkles to make it more authentic.

(6) Good luck with your pranking!


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