Jim Hearn's Lemongrass Pasted Moreton Bay Bugs



2 Large Moreton Bay Bugs:

Slice the bug in half lengthways.
Clean bugs under water.

Lemongrass Paste

5 sticks of lemongrass
2 large green chillies de-seeded
10 cloves of peeled garlic
4 cleaned coriander roots
3 Kaffir lime leaves, spine removed
1 tablespoon of ground white pepper
20mL fish sauce
50mL peanut oil


Finely chop all ingredients.

Place in food processor with fish sauce and oil.

Blitz on high for two minutes.

Paste the flesh of the bug halves with lemongrass paste.

Place on paper towels.

Fry bugs, paste side down, in a little peanut oil in a hot non-stick frypan.

Roll bugs onto side, place in hot oven for 4 minutes.

Serve on large plate with banana leaf and wedges of lime.


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