Rocky Road


All you need is chocolate and your favourite sweets!


1 packet of marshmallows
Lolly snakes
Chocolate Buttons
Coloured Sprinkles
Medium size baking tin.


(1) Get an adult to help you cut the lolly snakes into 2 cm pieces and the marshmallows in half.

(2) Break up the chocolate into small pieces so that it can be melted.

(3) Place chocolate pieces into a microwave safe bowl, and melt for 20 seconds. Keep doing short bursts in the microwave until the chocolate is melted. Make sure you get an adult to help you with this step and that you constantly check your chocolate because you don’t want it to burn.

(4) Once your chocolate is melted, you can add in all your sweet ingredients - the lolly snakes, marshmallows and chocolate buttons!

(5) Give it all a good mix so that all the sweets are coated in chocolate.

(6) Carefully pour your mixture into your tin. Make sure it’s evenly spread.

(7) Finish off with some sprinkles on top.

(8) Place in the fridge to set.

(9) Enjoy with your family and friends.


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