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From the hit THE KILLING FIELD, Detective Sergeant Eve Winter (Rebecca Gibney) is returning for a full series in WINTER.

Starring: Rebecca Gibney, Peter O'Brien

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

7 Episodes available

In The Killing Field movie special, when a teenage girl goes missing in a small country town, a large-scale operation to find her unexpectedly reveals five dead bodies in a field. Det. Eve Winter is …

Detective Sergeant Eve Winter leads the task force assigned to investigate the murder of young 23-year-old mother Karly Johansson at Rocky Point, a hauntingly beautiful fishing town south of Sydney.

Eve is caught between two worlds - solving Karly's murder with Lachlan and her team, and finding Indiana who she is convinced is hiding something.

Eve's sister and psychologist Melanie attempts to unlock Indiana's memory via hypnosis. Luke reveals a secret that may lead Eve one step closer to Karly's killer.

Deeply affected by the latest tragic turn in their case, Eve and Jake take comfort in each other's arms.

Knowing there's a leak in the department, Eve keeps Indiana holed up at her place where she learns a shocking secret.

Eve takes Indiana back to Rocky Point, hoping she will remember what happened on the fateful day Karly Johansson was murdered.