Winners And Losers - Moments that changed everything

Winning lotto ticket - S1, EP1
Four friends that had one thing in common - they were losers in high school. Ten years pass and a high school reunion doesn't seem so scary now, does it? Wrong! Little has changed for the four friends but after winning a lottery ticket between them things seem to be on the up!

Winners And Losers - Moments that changed everything

Winners And Losers - Moments that changed everything

The wedding and the baby - S1, E22
Love and life were the theme for the season one finale of Winners and Losers. Bec and Matt’s wedding day finally arrives, Sophie almost gives up on life with Doug while a shocking pregnancy had one friend left reeling - who was the father, Doug or Matt?

Sophie proposes to Doug - S2, EP17
What a rollercoaster of a ride it was for these two love birds! We never thought they were going to get their act together, but we also never thought it would be Sophie, who’d be getting down on one knee to ask Doug to spend the rest of their lives together, thank god she did, we couldn't take it any longer!

The secret daughter, the siege and the explosion - S2, EP22
Dirty little secrets, they never stay hidden. It was a shock to the whole family when it was revealed that Brian was Sam’s daughter all along! Jackson takes Frances, Sophie, and Jonathan hostage in revenge while Bec suffers the greatest loss when she witnesses Matt dying in an explosion at the site of their brand new home.

An almost wedding and murder - S3, E13
This time, it was Jenny’s time to tie the knot. Finding love with Callum, the pair had literally said their vows but both had a change of mind and called off the wedding! We were as shocked as you guys were. Plus a jealous Shannon attacked Zach and locked him in the boot of his car!

A new baby and the barn fire - S4, E13
Frances welcomed a new life into the world while trying to find a replacement candidate for her job! Izzy decides to be the surrogate mother for Carla and Doug while Sam and Cory find their lives on the line when Hayley takes them hostage. After their escape, she sets the barn a light and dies in the flames.