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Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers

Despite everything they’ve been through, Bec, Sophie, Jenny, Frances and Sam are as close as they’ve ever been to having the three key areas of life – love, work and home – firing on all cylinders. But when relationships, friendships, careers and aspirations are all tested, the girls will question if it is even possible to have it all?

Starring: Melissa Bergland, Virginia Gay, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith, Melanie Vallejo

Episodes are available for 28 days

9 Extras available

Four women, bound together by their shared experience of being 'losers' in high school, reluctantly attend their school reunion.

When Bec, Frances and Sophie won eight million dollars in the lottery, Jenny felt left out. Now her attitude is making matters worse.

As the lottery money is set to arrive, the reality of winning forces Bec, Jenny, Frances and Sophie to reassess their lives.

Jenny throws a party to celebrate Bec and Matt setting the wedding date bringing everyone together, but will there be any nasty surprises? Bec makes a shock announcement.

A meeting with a former professor reignites a painful memory for Sophie. Tiffany underestimates the girls' friendship when she arrives with a big announcement for Jenny.

Bec is faced with a tough decision when Tiffany Turner reveals her life is taking a turn for the worse. Sophie is shocked by her father's revelations.

When Bec, Frances and Sophie share their personal stories, Jenny is left feeling like the odd one out and decides to take a chance. Bec realises Tiffany is holding on to the past.

Bec demands to know if Matt really wants to marry her. Frances' feelings for Zach start to get the better of her.

Bec grapples with her suspicions over Matt's fidelity, Sophie faces the demons of her past, Frances becomes caught in the middle of Zach and his father.

Bec and Matt's dinner proves to be a night of highs and lows for the four friends as they navigate very different romantic entanglements.