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Winners & Losers Season 3

Winners & Losers Season 3

Despite everything they’ve been through, Bec, Sophie, Jenny, Frances and Sam are as close as they’ve ever been to having the three key areas of life – love, work and home – firing on all cylinders. But when relationships, friendships, careers and aspirations are all tested, the girls will question if it is even possible to have it all?

Starring: Melissa Bergland, Virginia Gay, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith, Melanie Vallejo

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

26 Episodes available

Bec shows no overt sign of grief over Matt’s death. Instead, she displays an unnerving vigilance towards Harrison, not even letting Doug look after him.

Frances worries that Zach may be lured by his sexy female colleague, Sophie pretends she's been enjoying working in Kenya, and Bec finally agrees to see a counsellor.

Self-preservation is proving to be a challenge, especially for Frances who is confronted by the siege all over again when she learns the gunman is free.

Bec finally works through her grief and prepares herself to say goodbye to Matt. But just as she's turned a corner, the secret of Matt and Tiffany's affair threatens to be exposed.

Lives change an instant when a long held secret is exposed, a heart is broken, a shock kiss rocks a relationship, and a new passion is fuelled.

The girls grapple with jealousy issues at Patrick's 21st party. Sophie's still fighting her feelings for Doug so when he invites Carla to Patrick's 21st, she tries to make him jealous.

The pressure builds on Frances as Shannon's committal hearing looms. Sophie struggles with Doug and Carla being a couple.

After a patient with a suspected case of swine flu is admitted to the hospital, Sophie and Sam find themselves spending the night in isolation with their exes. Bec decides to sell the salon.

As Sophie, Sam, Callum, Doug and Carla try to keep their issues secret, they each learn that you can only avoid your problems for so long before the truth comes out.

Callum keeps his money troubles from Jenny, Sam is nervous about her date and Frances struggles with Zach and Jasmine in her space once more.